• Changing your Avaya Partner ACS Voice Mail Greeting

    February 20, 2008
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    Of all the technical support questions we receive, directions on how to re-record the main greeting of the office voice mail system is without a doubt our number one request. Every office usually has a voice mail guru but more often then not when that person leaves the business no one seems to know or have directions on changing the voice mail greeting.

    The recording of the company voice mail greeting is always an interesting undertaking. Through the years I have always been amazed at the amount of anxiety and trepidation that this seemingly simple task can cause. I have literally seen people break out in a cold sweat when faced with the knowledge that they will be required to recite what is typically a 30 second spot into the receiver of a telephone.

    On one occasion a particularly nervous woman would not allow me to stay in the room while she recorded the voice mail greeting. Now, this would normally not be a big deal if she could nail it on the first take. Well, as you can imagine that wasnâ??t the case. The entering and leaving of the room was like something out of a comedy sketch as she repeatedly managed to fail in some way to record the greeting. Of course, thereâ??s also the other recording maladies such as the dreaded case of the giggles that will rear its ugly head from time to time or the inexplicable inability to pronounce a simple word over and over again.

    Admittedly, itâ??s somewhat rare now to have someone that is not comfortable with recording a greeting, as almost everyone has had dealings with voice mail whether it be with their cell, office or home telephone. Usually, the reason most people balk at recording a company greeting comes down to the simple fact that they hate the sound of their own voice. I myself always find it uncomfortable to hear my voice in recordings.

    Ok, enough of the ordeals of voice mail recording. Here are the instructions for changing the day and night message on the Partner Messaging System:

    Change Day Greeting on Partner Messaging

    Dial intercom 777
    Enter 0 #
    Enter  Password #
    Press 9 to get into System Administration mode
    Press 3 for Automated Attendant administration
    Press 1 Automated Attendant 1
    Press 1 for day menu or 2 for night menu
    Press 6 to modify menu
    Press * #  (to by-pass Selector Code changes)
    Press 1 to record your new greeting
    Record new greeting when done Press 1 to stop recording.
    Press * # to save the change

    Use these instructions if you have a Partner PVM PC 4 or 12 mailbox card

    Change Day Greeting on PVM Messaging Card

    Dial intercom 777
    Enter 0#
    Enter Password#
    Press 3 for Automated Attendant Prompt
    Press 1 to record
    Press 1 when done