Partner ACS Programming Codes

Mastering the Partner ACS

The ebook that will save you time and money by allowing you to manage your Partner ACS like a pro.

Mastering the Partner ACS is a layman's guide to programming and troubleshooting the Partner ACS phone system.

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To do System Programming, you place a Programming Overlay over the dialpad of the system display telephone at extension 10 or 11. You can reference this image that shows the overlay for the 18D and 34D if you don't have your overlay available

Show Overlays

Use the following procedure to Enter System Administration mode

  1. From extension 10 or 11, press FEATURE 00

  2. Press the LEFT intercom button twice


System Programming Procedures

Avaya Partner ACS Best Sellers

Programming Features System Date System Time Number of Lines Transfer Return Rings Recall Timer Durations Rotary Dialing Timeout Outside Conference Denial Automatic System Answer Delay Automatic System Answer Button Direct Extension Dial Delay Direct Extension Dial Button Outgoing Call Restriction Button Wake up Service Button Call Coverage Rings VMS Cover Rings Ring on Transfer Automatic System Answer Mode Caller ID Type Backup Programming Automatic Backup Programming-Manual Restore Programming Automatic Daylight/Standard Times Mode of Operation Dial Mode Hold Disconnect Time Automatic System Answer Lines Direct Extension Dial Lines Group Call Distribution Pool Line Assignment Line Coverage Extension Unique Line Ringing Line Assignment Line Access Restriction Display Language Automatic Extension Privacy Abbreviated Ringing Transfer Return Extension Forced Account Code Entry Distinctive Ringing Intercom Dial Tone Automatic VMS Cover External Hotline Voice Interrupt on Busy Line Access Mode Pool Extension Assignment Pool Access Restriction Call Waiting Caller ID Log Answered Calls Caller ID Log Line Assocation Caller ID Log All Calls Call Coverage Rings VMS Cover Rings Remote Call Forward Copy Settings Outgoing Call Restriction Toll Call Prefix System Password Disallowed Phone Number Lists Disallowed List Assignments Emergency Phone Number Lists Allowed Phone Number Lists Allowed List Assignments Forced Account Code List Star Code Dial Delay External Hotline Pickup Group Extension Calling Group Extensions Night Service Group Extensions Hunt Group Extensions VMS Hunt Delay VMS Hunt Schedule Fax Machine Extensions Music-on-Hold Hotline Doorphone 1 Extension Doorphone 2 Extension Doorphone Alert Extension Automated Attendant Extensions SMDR Record Type SMDR Top of Page SMDR Output Format SMDR Talk Time Contact Closure Group Contact Closure Operation Type Music-On-Hold Volume Loudspeaker Paging