Forwarding Calls to your Cell Phone on the Avaya Partner ACS Phone System

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14 Jan 2008

Step by step instructions to program your Avaya Partner ACS phone system extension to forward your calls to your cell phone.

A feature that had been missing for the longest time in the Partner ACS feature set was the ability to forward calls to a remote number. Release R6.0 finally brought this feature to the Partner ACS.

Check your system version

Let's go through the steps of setting this up for your extension. The first thing we need to do is make sure that your system is an R6 or higher. System programming is done from extension 10 or 11 with a display, so locate either one of these and press the FEATURE button and dial 59 on the keypad. The display will show you the release number of your phone system. If you see a number that starts with a 6 or greater then your all set.

Dial Feature 59 to Display system release

Enter System Programming

By default all extensions in the system are not enabled for remote call forwarding. To enable this feature for your extension we need to get into system programming. Press FEATURE 00 at extension 10 or 11 and press the left intercom button twice.

Press Feature 00 then left intercom twice

Remote Call Forward #322

The display will read SYSTEM PROGRAM. Now press #322 and then enter your extension to enable remote call forwarding and press 1 to assign the feature for your extension.

Dial #322 for remote call forward

Entering Centralize Programming

Now we will switch to CENTRAL TELEPHONE PROG to program a button on your extension to activate the feature when you want your calls to forward to your cell phone. To enter CENTRAL TELEPHONE PROG press the right intercom button and enter your extension. The display should now read CENTRAL TELEPHONE PROG.

Press right intercom for Central Telephone Programming

First we need to program a personal speed dial location with your cell number. In this example we will use speed dial number 81 but you can use any available speed dial number from 81 to 99. Press FEATURE 81 and enter your cell number. If you make a mistake just repeat entering FEATURE 81 and dial your cell number.

Next select a button on the phone that has a light. This is the button you will use to activate the feature. Make sure that the display reads BLANK or you will program the feature over a button that already has something programmed. Press FEATURE 11 XX 81 where XX is your extension. What this effectively is doing is programming a Forward button that forwards your calls to the number that is programmed on speed dial bin 81. Press FEATURE 00 to exit programming mode.

The only thing to do now is test it out. Go to the extension and press the button that you programmed to activate the forward feature. The button light should go green and the display should read FORWARD . Now with your cell phone in hand have someone intercom your extension. Within a few seconds your cell phone should start ringing, when answered you should be connected to the person who called your extension.

Feature Considerations

Keep in mind that when using this feature what essentially happens is the system will access a new line to call out to your cell phone. If someone calling into your business is connected to your extension either through your auto attendant or transfered to your extension by another user, two phone lines are being used for one call. Careful consideration is warranted, as you may tie up too many lines when this feature is activated by multiple users.

This is the first in a series of articles on customizing your Partner ACS system. Check back for future tips.

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