Bogen TPU35B Telephone Paging 35 Watt Amplifier

Bogen TPU35B Telephone Paging 35 Watt Amplifier


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Part # BG-TPU35B
Brand Bogen
Condition New
Warranty 2 year

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  • Bogen 35 watt wall-mounted telephone paging amplifier
    - Inputs for 600-ohm balanced telephone line, LO-Z balanced microphone, and background music
    - Integral automatic level control circuit for controlling pages made by persons with varying voice levels and paging techniques
    - Page from telephone and/or microphone
    - Signal-activated paging channel automatically mutes background music
    - Adjustable background music muting level during a page
    - Music gradually returns to its normal level after a page
    - Aphex Aural Exciter increases intelligibility, improves perceived loudness (with no increase in power), and reduces listener fatigue
    - Seperate controls for page volume, music volume, night ringer, music mute and Aphex Aural Exciter
    - Bass and treble controls
    - Built-in night ringer activated by contact closure or by 90V ring signal
    - Balanced or unbalanced 16-ohm, 25V, 25VCT, and 70V outputs
    - VOX sensitivity level control eliminates transmission of background noise when paging from a telephone
    - Thermal and electronic overload protection
    - Jacks provided for bridging additional TPU amplifiers
    - Brackets are attached for easy wall mounting
    - Peak level indicator lights when amplifier is driven into clipping
    - 120V AC, 60Hz power source
    - UL and CSA listed