Cortelco 222000-TP2-27E Colleague 2-Line Black - 2220BK

Cortelco 222000-TP2-27E Colleague 2-Line Black - 2220BK


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Part # ITT-2220BK
Brand Cortelco
Condition New
Warranty 5 year

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  • Cortelco Colleague 2-line corded telephone
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting Caller ID: can take the call, send it to voice mail, "please wait" or "call back" features
  • 99# Caller ID history
  • Wide angle LCD (super twist)
  • 3-Line backlit LCD
  • Trilingual menu
  • Display icons (new call, repeat call, forward call, toll call, mw)
  • Voice message indication (FSK/stutter/90V light)
  • Speakerphone
  • Mute with LED
  • Electronic hold with extension release
  • 10#Direct memories
  • Programmable flash
  • Redial
  • Ring indicator
  • Ring off/low/high switch
  • Volume control
  • Data port
  • Tone/pulse switchable
  • Dual headset jacks (provides 2.5mm jack and an RJ-11 jack)
  • Conference
  • Black