On-Hold Plus OHP-6000

On-Hold Plus OHP-6000


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Part # OHP-6000
Brand IntelliTouch
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year

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USB Connection
Connect to your PC via USB to add new content or update firmware.
PC connection strictly optional
Unit uses PC only to update content stored in flash memory. Updated content can optionally be added by copying an MP3 or WMA audio file to a Smart Media Card without the unit ever being connected to a PC or network.
Message Studio software
Allows users to create new on-hold audio content with voice and music on their PC with a few mouse clicks. Then, just transfer the file directly to the unit?s on-board memory, to a Smart Media Card, or upload to a server for a network update
Auto start after power loss
Retains stored preferences such as: music selection, repeat mode and volume settings. If power to the unit is lost, unit immediately returns to continuous playback with all settings without human intervention.
LCD Control Panel
6-line backlit LCD panel displays ID-3 tags with descriptive names of tracks for easy identification and selection. Display also shows a variety of important information so user can choose playback preferences and easily determine unit?s operational status.
Flash memory
16MB of on-board flash memory stores over 45 minutes of awesome sounding content. Additional Smart Media Cards (not included) can add over 8 hours of content for continuous playback.
Ready to go right out of the box
Pre-loaded with several files containing great sounding music mixed with intermittent "thanks for holding..." messages. Just plug it in and walk away. Anything else is completely optional.
Free personalization
A free professionally voiced, personalized on-hold production is provided to the customer automatically when a product is registered.
Simple, plug-in installation
Easily connects to any "music-on-hold ready" PBX or KEY system (95% of all phone systems) or optional music-on-hold adapter module
Analog Phone Capability (OHP 6500 only)
Adds true "hold button" hold-music-activation to standard analog and KSU-less telephones with up to 4 lines and 50 station sets. Works with all types of phones cordless.


  • On-board memory - 16MB
  • Maximum Memory Supported - 128MB
  • Supported audio standards - MP3 and Microsoft Windows? Media (WMA) digital music
  • Supported bit rates - 32 - 196kbps
  • External Memory Slot - Smart Media Card (SMC)
  • Interface - USB 1.1
  • Playback modes - repeat one, repeat all, repeat all shuffle
  • Audio output mode - mono (analog)
  • ID-3 tag support
  • LCD - 6 line backlit display
  • Built-in monitor speaker
  • Interface devices - USB port, RCA audio output, 2.5mm Power jack
Sound Quality
The OEM 6000 can play better than CD quality files at a bitrate of high as 196 KBPS and sample rate of 48kHz. Fantastic sound quality can be achieved at a bitrate of 32kbps and a 32K sampling rate for MP3 and a 20k sampling rate for WMA (Windows Media Audio)
Analog Phone Capability (OHP 6500 only)
Adds true "hold button" on-hold audio activation to ordinary analog and KSU-less phones.
USB port
Sample Rate
8 kHz
8 ohm: 4 volts peak to peak 600 ohm: 8 volts peak to peak
Minimum operating system
(required only if loading audio directly to player via USB connection)Windows - 98, 98 ME and SE, 2000, XP Mac - OS 9.0.4 or later, OS X 10.1 or later
Software included
MessageStudio v.3 - Windows (Mac requires Virtual PC v3.0 or later)
Built in: 16mb Expansion: SMC Card Slot accepts 16, 32, 64 or 128mb Smart Media Card (SMC)
Audio out: RCA jack (2 RJ-11 phone jacks, Model OEM 6500 only) USB: Power: 2.5mm power jack
Power on/off Play/pause Volume up/down Skip up/down Repeat mode Monitor speaker on/off Impedance 8ohm/600ohm
9VDC @500mA Source -110VAC, 60Hz UL/CSA power pack
Size: 9" x 7" x 2.25"(LWD) Weight: 3 lbs Wall mountable
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty