Swissvoice ePure Handset - ORANGE (CH01-OR)

Swissvoice ePure Handset - ORANGE (CH01-OR)


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Part # SWV-CH01-OR
Brand Swissvoice
Condition New
Warranty 90 Days

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  • Handset for mobile phone, tablet and PC
  • Make and answer phone calls from the handset
  • Connect the corded handset directly to your mobile phone for better mobility
  • Connect the mobile phone to the base for desktop use
  • Reduces RF emission from mobile phone to the head
  • Weighted base
  • Pickup call and volume control from the corded handset (iPhone/iPad and iPod only)
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, Mobile phone with 3.5mm jack, tablet PC, laptop and desktop (may require adaptor), Skype, any VoIP softwareUse talk on/off key and volume adjustment keys on handset**
  • Activate voice control directly from the handset**
  • Choose Apple mode or universal mode according to your device ( with “Made for iPhone” switch )